Just a brief synopsis of our first league meeting.
  • Thank you all for the initial $500 deposit to hold your spot for the upcoming season. We have filled the Thursday night divisions and added a new team for Wednesday and a couple on Sunday.
  • The team fees went up $100 to $2800, for new teams the fee is $2900 ($100 refundable deposit).
  • There will be absolutely ZERO TOLERANCE if your team is caught drinking on the bench, and if caught, it will result in an automatic ejection of your team.
  • The league will be purchasing a bat tester at no extra cost to the teams. If a team is suspecting a player is using an illegal bat, the bat will be tested at a cost of $200 for the team making the protest. If the bat is found illegal the player and/ or team will be responsible for the $200, and the protesting team will get their $200 returned. If the bat is legal, the protesting team will forfeit their $200.
  • A motion was brought forward on the requirement for pitchers to wear protective face masks. The vote was in favour of giving the pitchers the option of wearing one or not.
  • Team roster sheets were handed out and MUST be filled out and returned at the next league meeting. Also, the balance of team funds will also be due at that time.
Please note, the date for the next scheduled meeting has been changed. It will again be held at Sabina's on Monday March 11th at 7:00pm.
Any questions please feel free to contact myself or Donny.